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"We bought our scooter back in early September this year and although we have only used it a few times with Tehya, our Siberian Husky, (weather too hot for her) she absolutely loves to pull us along on it and I am amazed at the speed she gets up. Snowpaws is just brilliant, their customer service is amazing and the quality of the products is fantastic. Thanks guys"
~ Tony from London

"Fantastic fun, and more importanly the dogs love it. opted for the full suspension version due to having a variety of off road locations to use it on. Rear suspension is excellent, with an adjustable preload for the spring. Overall it copes well with bumps and rutts, the front forks soak up alot of impact but not all of it (mainly the larger impacts), due to the limited travel, which is only to be expected given the size of the forks, but accross well trodden paths, its excellent. The brush guard is a fantastic idea, keeps the line at the right height for the dogs and prevents it getting caught in the wheels. Also if you've got limited space this version, folds down the smallest due to the quick release rear shock, brush guard and wheels. Brilliant fun, definately recommended, off to try it at the beach, just gotta wait till low tide!"
~ Review by Rob, Loki and Thor

"...To make a long story short, the Pawtrekker Full Suspension was wonderful. It is now my favorite scooter for rough trails. I did not think I would like the brush bow but I like it very much. I like the fact that the line goes straight back from the dogs' backs and I like the fact that I am not worried about the line catching in the wheel.... "
~ Daphne Lewis, Dogscooter.com 

"Just to let you know that the scooter and the harness and ganglines all arrived today, i'm thrilled with all of it and can't wait to start scootering! Thanks for all your help."
~ T. Winter, Worthing

"Received scooter friday morning just like you said I would. It's great."
~ A.Serwood, Notts

"I would like to say it is a great dog scooter and soon as I can will take some pictures and send you some of the scooter and wolfy pulling me or my wife as its going to be fun."
~ Mr V Smith, Halkirk

"Just like to say thanks for all of the great gear that we have had from you over the last few months. We are very happy with it all, especially our scooter."
~ R.Frost, Devon

"Very impressed with the scooter, and your rapid response to the request for a gang lead. P.S. Dog loves it too."
~ Mr C. Keast, Aylesbury

"I am writing to commend you on your excellent service, both before and after the point of sale. Before I made the decision to purchase a Pawtrekker dog scooter I looked on the internet at many options and found by far yours was much more tasteful and more designed to tie dogs onto it which also proves to be much safer for the person riding it.  In addition to this the one I purchased with the disc brakes fits comfortably into the back seating area of my VW golf leaving the boot free for my 2 chocolate labradors. I rang on 2 occasions before I purchased one of your scooters and found the information given to me was very helpful and in no way was I pressured into a sale. Once I made the purchase over the internet I got delivery of the scooter in no time at all and this arrived in perfect condition, with instructions for assembly which was mainly done for me by your company before it went into the box. A number of my dog walking neighbors in the area have seen this scooter and were so impressed by it that they are showing interest to buy.  All the kids in the area see me as 'cool' now that I have got this and all want to have a go on it.  The dogs just love pulling it!  And it is such great fun to ride on when they can build up really fast speeds. On the whole it has been a great experience in purchasing this from yourselves and I want to thank you so much for the brilliant service you gave me.  Thanks again and I hope to see many other dog scooters in the area so we can go out on expeditions together."
~ H. Moore

"My wife bought me a pawtrekker before Christmas, I have to say I am over the moon! It is 100% excellent and my three dogs love pulling me about and we have great fun. The one hesitation I had before I bought my pawtrekker was the size. I am 6'4" and thought I may dwarf the scooter. My mate Chris is 6'7" so we thought trying this would at least be something of a youtube/you've been framed moment. How pleased I am! My wife is tiny (5'2") and she rides on the scooter, I have used this many, many, times and I am really happy! I am so happy with my scooter and my dogs have never been happier."
~ A. Spanswick


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What our customers are saying

Quote about PawtrekkerI would like to say it is a great dog scooter and soon as I can will take some pictures and send you some of the scooter and wolfy pulling me or my wife as its going to be fun.' ~ Mr V Smith, Halkirk

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