Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of harness should I choose?
If your dog is a strong puller, such as a Siberian Husky or an Alaskan Malamute, we recommend an X-Back harness for dog scootering. Dogs who won't fit an X-Back style harness due to their proportions can use a Shoulder Harness. If you are using a Sidewalker, a specially designed harness is required, which is supplied with the Sidewalker system. Please see our measuring guide for information on measuring your dog correctly for a harness

Can my dog pull me on a scooter?
If your dog can run, then they run using a scooter! Smaller dogs will just need more help from you, especially uphill – so you’ll get more of a workout too!

Is the scooter suitable for children?
The scooters are suitable for people over the age of 14.

What equipment do I need?
You will need a scooter, a gangline with a shock absorber section and carabiner, and a harness for your dog. Elbow pads, cycling helmets and knee pads are also a good idea for you. If your dog has soft pads, or you are running on hard or stony surfaces, you might consider dog boots for your dog.

Why is the Full Suspension model suitable for 2 dogs and not just one?
We recommend it is used for 2+ dogs as the extra weight added by the rear suspension shock is quite significant and will make scootering harder work for one dog.

How long does delivery take?
Normal UK delivery takes 2-3 days (not including weekends). Delivery to European countries is 3-5 days depending on the country you live in.

Can my dog use a Sidewalker?
Most breeds of dogs (not toy or very small breeds) will be able to use a sidewalker – the u-bar adjusts in height and width to suit your dog. Sidewalkers are great for exercising your dog in urban environments when you need to keep closer control over dog’s movements.

Will I be too tall to use the scooter?
We have customers of all heights who use our scooters comfortably and safely .

What age can my dog start pulling in harness?
There are a number of articles on our site that we help you to get started in working. We advise that you do not start working your dog properly until they are over a year in age. For further information, please view our "An Introduction to Working Your Dog in Harness" article.

What type of dogs can run in harness with a scooter?
Almost any type of dogs can pull a scooter, from Huskies, to Great Danes, and Schnauzers to Spaniels. The smaller the dog, the more you will have to help out on hills and rough spots. All dogs, regardless of size, must be slowly worked into fitness, along with their owners. Don't expect to run the Iditarod in your first month!

What sort of weather is suitable for my dog to run with the scooter?
The best time of year and weather to scooter in will heavily depend on your dogs coat and temperature tolerance, while it is typically a winter activity for densely coated northern breeds, other dogs with thinner coats would be able to run at virtually any time of year as long as you avoid particularly warm days.

NEVER scooter in hot weather. Cool weather is best for your dog. In warm weather, scooter in the cool of the day.

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