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The Rufftrax Evolution model

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Our Pawtrekker Rufftrax Dog Scooter has evolved... the Rufftrax Evolution!

This Dog Scooter keeps the 26” front wheel, which has proved so popular in our previous Rufftrax model but now has the benefit of a lightweight alloy frame. Together with Shimano brake components and Suntour alloy front forks, this dog scooter becomes our top of the range Pawtrekker Dog Scooter. We have designed this scooter with racing in mind; its large front wheel, quality components and lightweight frame make this the ideal scooter choice for those serious about scooter racing.

The Evolution continues to feature the Pawtrekker quick release “brushbow” which allows for lines to be connected away from the front wheel for reduced entanglement risk and to present a connection point at a more appropriate height for dog running.

Our Rufftrax Evolution model has:

  • Lightweight Alloy frame
  • Suntour Alloy Front suspension forks
  • Quick release brushbow
  • Shimano Front and Rear mechanical disc brakes
  • Shimano 2-finger silver brake levers
  • Quick release front and rear wheels
  • Shimano hubs and alloy rims
  • Black alloy handlebars with alloy bar ends
  • Bottle Brass-on’s for mounting of bottle holder

Most dogs love to run and run and you may spend most of your walks trying to recall them, or chasing around after them, or if you own a Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute, being dragged around on the lead by them! So why not scooter?

Dog Scootering is a growing UK sport and is well established in the States. Cheaper and easier to transport than rigs, they make a great alternative for running dogs such as Huskies and Malamutes. You can be more sociable too, whereas two rigs would be cost prohibitive for one couple, both to buy and to transport, scooters can fit neatly onto a bike rack and you can both enjoy running the trails together. Dog scootering is not just restricted to sled dog breeds and many other breeds of dog enjoy both the physical and mental stimulation offered by training them to run with a scooter, Scooters are considered safer than bikes by many as it is easy to step off and the centre of gravity is lower.

Please note that this scooter model is NOT compatible with the Sidewalker system.

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Quote about PawtrekkerI would like to say it is a great dog scooter and soon as I can will take some pictures and send you some of the scooter and wolfy pulling me or my wife as its going to be fun.' ~ Mr V Smith, Halkirk

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